Our Services

Community Cooperation Wales

The services we want to support will promote, create and assist local communities to develop themselves. This action will give the local communities the knowledge, skillset and experience to achieve their knowledge, ‘have a say’, achieve personal goals (i.e. employability skills, personal development skills, voluntary works and experience, internships and any other activities to the benefit of the local community).

We work with charities and NGO’s to raise funding or donations to support the needy locally and UK wide. We see raising awareness, teamworking and collaborating with the local community, charities, NGOs and other organisations as a key part of our strategy. Thus, increasing impact, resources and learning. Stakeholder engagement and synergistic values/activities will be exploited.

The work we aim to undertake will address issues we have identified through desk research, focus groups and community interaction, from this research we have established many areas of improvement that we feel our wealth of experienced can add value to and help to alleviate these issues.

What does your local community gain from your volunteering?

Projects such as litter picking can help to keep wild areas clean and beautiful. Projects that aim to help younger people can improve their lives for the better. Without volunteers many of these projects go unfinished, volunteering is important for you and your community!

The main themes of our services are;

Social equality services
  • 1. Social care, equality and inclusion (economically disadvantaged, BME group, LGBTQI+, ex-service person, asylum seekers, refugees, and people with fewer opportunities).

  • 2. Improve life satisfaction and sense of community spirit/harmony.

  • 3. Reducing unemployment and increasing employability skills (Ex-service persons, minority groups, asylum seekers/refugees and NEET’s).

  • 4. Environmental sustainability and care.

If you want to contribute too, engage with or champion any of our projects, please get in contact with us at Info@communitycooperationwales.org.uk and make a difference today.