Who/how we can help?

Who and how we help

We will work with members of the local community, with a particular focus on those people in the; BME group, ex-service person, asylum seekers, refugees, and people with fewer opportunities. This is who and how we help.

We can provide a hub for the community to visit and seek support, advice and to improve quality of life and community interest matters. One of the areas we would like to address is unemployment within the younger community. See our prior experience here.

The challenges and target groups we will tackle are; social care, equality and inclusion (economically disadvantaged, BME group, LGBTQI+, ex- service person, asylum seekers, refugees, and people with fewer opportunities). Improve life satisfaction and sense of community, spirit and harmony.

By increasing employability skills in the (Ex-service persons, minority groups, asylum seekers/refugees and NEET’s) community we hope too reduce unemployment and increase environmental sustainability and care.

Bespoke Training & support

Community support

We can design bespoke non-formal and formal training courses to meet the needs of individuals within the local community. As well as the community as a whole.

Also we can signpost and provide support, coaching and mentoring from our highly skilled network of tutors, consultants and professionals. With the assistance of our expert team we hope to address all issues important to the community to benefit and improve the lives of our stake holders.

We hope addressing these issues will improve and benefit the local community. Therefore improving community employment opportunities, life satisfaction and sense of community.

Why is volunteering and are volunteers important?

Volunteering is an important part of society. It offers individuals a chance to help improve their communities at the very ground level. Volunteering is an important part of many social entrepreneurs and companies who do not make profit. Volunteers help accomplish project aims that otherwise may not be possible.

Without volunteering, there would be many social projects which wouldn’t be able to go ahead. For example, many individuals put time away on their weekends to volunteer and meet up with elderly individuals during COVID. This is to provide social support for the elderly who may not be able to meet with others due to COVID, if not for these types of projects.