Food in difficult times 2022

This week our 7th and unfortunately final food delivery has been completed, seeing our running total reach double our original goal of 100 parcels at 200 parcels!

We would like to thank our partners Al-Iklhas, Rainbow of Hope, the Welsh refugee council and Cardiff council’s SAIL program for their continued support throughout this venture and the dedicated support of our volunteers. Also we would like to thank our funding supporters and local supporters; Western power distribution, Henstaff construction and Amberon LTD, without their support we would not have been able to complete our mission.

We intend to look to support the local community in the new year with similar projects and initiatives.

Our 6th batch of food parcel deliveries is complete, we delivered to our partners at Al-Iklhas, Rainbow of hope, the Welsh Refugee council and 5 individuals supported by Cardiff council’s – SAIL program (supporting adults into independent living). Each organisation received 10 parcels except Cardiff council who received 5, for a weekly total of 35 parcels and running total of 165 parcels.

We have successfully completed packaging and delivering our 5th batch of food parcels last week (02/11/22), this brings our total to 130 packages (valued at £20 per parcel) delivered to our charity partners Al-Ikhas and Rainbow of Hope with the hope to expand our giving to The Welsh refugee council.

We have purchased the food for the next 30 parcels already and will begin to package with the help of our new volunteers over the next few days to deliver this week (07/11/22).

Our 4th successful preparation and delivery of food parcels (24/10/22) to the local Cardiff communities, we now have reached our initial goal of 100 parcels (valued at £20 per parcel) delivered to the holiday hungry and needy families affected by the cost of living increase.

Thanks to our local sponsors Amberton LTD and Henstaff construction match funding our project, we are able to continue delivering food into the new year and possibly further if we can acquire new funding.

We would also like to thank our dedicated volunteer Nilay Boyluoğlu who has committed her time and passion for helping others every week, purchasing, packaging and delivering food throughout the project to enable our CIC to deliver this project.

See the images from recent packaging and delivery below (11th/12th October);

We have completed our 3rd delivery to our local charities Al-Ikhlas and Rainbow of hope this week with plans to deliver to the Welsh refugee council, this will bring our running total of parcels packaged and delivered to 75 boxes valued at £20 per box. We would like to thank all the volunteers involved distributing the food to those who need it and to the volunteers behind the scenes preparing, sourcing and delivering the parcels.

Our second successful delivery to Muhammad at the Al-Ikhlas centre and The Rainbow of Hope to support the local community deal with the cost of living increase and feed the holiday hungry.

Our volunteers are already preparing the next 25 food parcels ready for delivery next week (commencing 12th Sep). Thank you to our volunteers and out generous sponsors;

Western Power Distribution

Henstaff Construction ltd

Amberon Traffic Managment ltd

We are happy to have completed our first delivery of 25 food parcels to 2 fantastic local organisations based in Splott, The Al-Ikhlas centre who do amazing work supporting people struggling with the cost-of-living increase by offering a food bank every Tuesday and the Rainbow of Hope another truly amazing charity that supports anyone who are down on their luck and need help. You can see the project in action below.

We are happy to announce that we have broken ground on our first funded project thanks to Western Power Distribution Community Matters Fund to deliver food parcels to the Holiday Hungry. Our project officers have created the project logo, created recipe booklets with simple healthy meal ideas, nutritional values, QR codes linked to BBC good food pages for recipe instructions and we have liaised with key stakeholders regarding what should be included in the food parcels.

Our team has started the sourcing of dry food and packaging products as well as promoting the project on social media, traditional media and through local stakeholders (i.e. food banks charities).

We are liased with food bank organisations who we can support and who can offer us good practise advise regarding utilising the funding we have received to the fullest. We have also recently secured match funding from two very generous local Cardiff companies, we give our thanks and praise to;

  • Henstaff Construction

  • Amberon Ltd

For supporting the local community and our fantastic cause.

To get involved please contact us and start helping your local community together today.

Here you can see the finished Recipe Cards which show recipes, nutritional values of each meal and cooking instruction from BBC Good Food site, this resource is free for all to use.

First Tranche of our Community Matter food parcel project 25 out of 200 made and ready for shipping to our local recipient organisations and groups.

Our Projects

Western Power Distribution – Community Matters Fund 2022

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful in a recent funding application with Western Power Distribution Community matter Fund. We are also teaming up with Localgiving to deliver the Community Matter Fund to support charitable organisations in their response to the rising cost of living, focusing on providing help and support to grass-roots community groups tackling holiday hunger when schools are closed and children often go hungry.

As a result of the current cost of living increases in the UK, our community group could related to the current challenges. Our initial objective is to design and source food parcels. We are targeting to support circa 100 families in the Cardiff and surrounding areas. This additional food supplies will subsidies some of the weekly food shop and help offset the rising cost of living.

We have reached out to local community groups and charity organisations and received positive responses to our cause. We hope to help those in need, develop stronger bonds within the local community and encourage continued community participation.

We are continually performing desktop research on local initiatives and community focus interest to get to the heart of what challenges the local community are faces and how to overcome them. Our projects are aim to engage and tackle social, environmental, issues, social inclusion, youth engagement issues and other related matters. Our projects goals will be set out by our network of focus groups, grass route organisations, social care professionals and active members of the community.

For more information please contact us on:

The projects we want to support will promote, create and empower the local communities to develop themselves.

This action will give the local communities the knowledge, skillset and experience to achieve their knowledge, ‘have a say’, achieve personal goals (i.e. employability skills, personal development skills, voluntary works and experience, internships and any other activities to the benefit of the local community).

Environmental projects

We work with charities and NGO’s to raise funding or donations to support disadvantaged locally and UK wide.

We see raising awareness, team working and collaborating with the local community, charities, NGOs and other organisations as a key part of our strategy. Thus, increasing impact, resources and learning, stakeholder engagement and synergistic values/activities will be exploited.

Social inclusion

Our network of highly experienced consultants, NGO’s, charities and focus groups have added in-valuable support, experience and advise on numerous social initiatives our team have been engaged with, such as;

  • 1. National lottery Community fund – Covid-19 awareness in Wales to tackle mis/disinformation and share good practises regarding Covid-19 safety measures.

  • 3. Erasmus+ funded – Mental & emotional wellbeing – to raise awareness of good practises regarding mental & emotional wellbeing and ways to manage it.

  • 4. Erasmus+ funded – RAINBO project – to address social inequalities and social exclusion of LGBTQI+ community and professionals working with the community highlighted by the ongoing pandemic.

  • 5. Erasmus+ funded – E2MP (Electronic platform 2 Manage Project) The project was created to address the lack of project management skills among managers working with youth and especially with young people with fewer opportunities.

  • 6. Erasmus+ funded – COPE Connection opportunities for people in Europe – (complementary with E2MP project). While E2MP trains the youth managers, COPE will train youth directly, both projects target directly or indirectly young people with fewer opportunities.